Advantages, Disadvantages And Classification Of Thermal Printers

- Jul 05, 2016-

Advantages and disadvantages

Compared with the dot matrix printer, the thermal printing speed is fast, the noise is low, the printing is clear, and the use is convenient. However, the thermal printer cannot directly print the duplex, and the printed document cannot be permanently stored. If the best thermal paper is used, it can be stored for ten years under the condition of good light. Needle printing can print double, and if you use a good ribbon, the printed document can be stored for a long time, but the dot matrix printer prints slowly, the noise is loud, the print is rough, and the ribbon needs to be changed frequently. If the user needs to print an invoice, it is recommended to use pin printing. Others recommend using thermal printing when printing other documents.


Thermal printers can be classified into Thermal Line Dot System and Thermal Serial Dot System according to the arrangement of their thermal elements. Columnar thermal is an early product and is mainly used in some applications where printing speed is not high. It has been used by domestic authors in its products. Line heat is a technology of the 1990s, and its printing speed is much faster than that of column heat, and the fastest speed has reached 230mm / sec. To achieve high-speed thermal printing, in addition to the high-speed thermal print head, there must be a corresponding control board to match.