Advantages Of Barcode Printers

- Aug 30, 2019-

Barcode printer besides the printing function of ordinary printer, it also has the following advantages:

1. Industrial quality, not limited by the amount of printing, can print 24 hours;

2. Not limited by the printing material, can print PET, copper paper, thermosensitive paper sticker, polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and washable standard fabric;

3. The text and graphics printed by heat transfer printing have anti-scratch effect, and the printing with special carbon strip can also make the printing products have waterproof, anti-pollution, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance.

4. The printing speed is extremely fast, up to 10 inches (24 centimeters) per second;

5. Can print serial number, connected to the database batch printing;

6. Label paper is generally several hundred meters long, can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; Label printer adopts continuous printing mode, which is easier to save and organize.

7. Unrestricted by working environment;

8. Single label maximum can reach more than 120 cm.