Advantages Of Bluetooth Printers

- Dec 26, 2019-

Advantages of Bluetooth printers

Portable: one-handed

The current appearance of the Bluetooth printer is quite small. It can be put in the pocket of the pants at any time without ink. The salesman can run the order at any time. With the matching invoicing app, the bill can be moved at any time and printed.

Specification: linkage inventory

When used as a voucher, the printed notes undoubtedly appear more standardized and credible. Billing with a Bluetooth label printer, the billing data will be uploaded to the Invoicing APP in a timely manner, and the warehouse will be linked in real-time to achieve the management of goods.

Fast: Desirable

When documents need to be printed, they can be printed on the spot, without having to go back to the fixed office to print or handwritten notes. Its operation is also very convenient. It can print immediately when connected to Bluetooth. It is very fast and ready to use. It perfectly reflects the advantages of the mobile office!

Convenient: compatible with multiple terminals

Either an Android phone or an Apple phone can be easily connected. In order to meet the printing requirements under various conditions, a variety of access solutions have been designed: USB input interface, serial input interface, and Bluetooth wireless input to meet your various needs.