Bar Code Printer Cleaning

- Mar 29, 2019-

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In order to ensure the quality and long-term performance of the bar code printer, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The more frequently the bar code printer is used, the more often it should be cleaned. (Not often used = weekly cleaning; often used = daily cleaning)

Print head cleaning

To clean the print head regularly and regularly, use a cotton swab and alcohol for the cleaning tool. Turn off the power of the barcode printer. Keep the same direction when wiping (to avoid residual dirt when rubbing back and forth), turn the print head up and remove the ribbon. , label paper, use a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) dipped in the print head cleaning solution, and gently wipe the print head until it is clean. Then dry the printhead gently with a clean cotton swab.

Keep the print head clean to get good print results, and most importantly, extend printhead life.

Platinum Roller cleaning and maintenance

To regularly and regularly clean the bar code printer glue stick, the cleaning tool can use cotton swabs and alcohol to keep the glue stick clean, also to get good printing results and extend the life of the print head. The label paper will remain on the glue stick during the printing process. A lot of powder, if not cleaned in time, it will hurt the print head; the glue stick has been used for a long time, if it is worn or uneven, it will affect the printing and damage the print head.

Roller cleaning

After cleaning the print head, clean the rollers with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in 75% alcohol. The method is to scrub the roller while rubbing it by hand, and after it is clean, dry it. The cleaning interval for the above two steps is usually three days. If the bar code printer is used frequently, it is best to do it once a day.

Cleaning of the drive system and cleaning inside the chassis

Because the general label paper is self-adhesive, the glue is easy to stick to the shaft and the passage of the transmission, and the dust is added, which directly affects the printing effect, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Usually once a week, use a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked in alcohol to scrub the shafts of the drive, the surface of the passage, and the dust inside the cabinet. Clean and dry.

Sensor cleaning

To keep the sensor clean, no paper measurement errors or ribbon errors will occur. The sensor includes a ribbon sensor and a label sensor. The location is described in the manual. It is usually cleaned from three months to six months by scrubbing the sensor head with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. After cleaning, dry it.

Paper guide cleaning

The guide groove generally does not have a big problem, but sometimes the manual or label quality problem causes the label to stick inside the guide groove, so it is also necessary to clean it in time.

Reminder: Bar code printer temperature is generally maintained between 10-24, not too high, otherwise it is easy to reduce the life of the print head, pay attention to the ribbon and label combination, generally coated paper with wax-based ribbon, synthetic paper with half tree Or a full-tree ribbon. In addition, the label paper should be kept flat, so do not make it uneven, otherwise the print head will be easily worn.