Bar Code Printer Development Status

- Apr 03, 2019-

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At present, domestic printers have gradually become popular with the decline of prices. In foreign countries, almost all production units are equipped with a label barcode printer (Label Printer and Barcode Printer), which is applied in product identification, etc. Some companies have subsidiary devices such as bar code readers (SCANNER) and bar code data collectors (counting machines), which form a management model for bar code management automation within the company.

The situation of barcode printers in China:

In general, bar code printers are mainly divided into commercial and industrial types;

The commercial type is used in offices, small factories, and the jewelry industry where the printing volume is relatively small, and the printing amount is less than 2,000 sheets per day. The mechanical structure of commercial bar code label printers is mainly composed of plastics, which has considerable advantages in price. Industrial printers can be said to be three-point worlds, respectively:

Mainstream brand

In the western developed countries, bar code application technology has a long history. The US and Japanese companies have become the first entrants, and the technology and brand advantages are obvious. Therefore, these countries have almost monopolized the global bar code printer market.