Barcode Device Hardware And Barcode Device Software Functions

- Dec 19, 2019-

Barcode device hardware and barcode device software functions

The hardware of bar code equipment includes bar code printing equipment, barcode scanning equipment, data acquisition equipment, bar code detection equipment, and other wireless network equipment. Bar code equipment software is barcode printing software, bar code system, bar code data acquisition terminal software.

What are their functions?

1. Barcode printing equipment

Bar code printing equipment is the main means to generate bar code, in addition to the use of letterpress printing, gravure printing, offset printing, etc. Bar code printing equipment at present we mainly refer to the bar code printer, although the general laser printer and inkjet printer can also generate bar code, but because of their slow printing speed and can not print a large number of adhesive, so only in the shipping or customs declaration and other documents on the bar code printing.

Barcode printer can print a wide variety of adhesive labels, whether your label is affixed to the outer box of the coated paper, or affixed to the product of PET film, it can help you achieve clear and perfect printing effect.

2. Barcode scanning equipment

A barcode scanner is a device used to read barcode information, which needs to be connected to a computer for use. It USES an optical device to convert the bar code empty information into level information, which is then translated into the corresponding data information by a special decoder. Bar code scanning equipment from the scanning mode can be divided into three types of CCD and laser, image, divided into portable and stationary two from the scanning form, from the data transmission way is divided into cable scanner and wireless scanner, from the use of the environment, can be divided into by barcode scanner and durable barcode scanners, from bar code identification of species can be divided into one dimension barcode scanner and two-dimensional barcode scanner.

3. Data acquisition equipment

Data acquisition equipment not only can read the barcode information can also be for data processing, data terminal equipment has the central processing unit (CPU), read-only memory (ROM), read/write memory (RAM), keyboard, screen display, communication interface, batteries, the data processing functions are far from bar code scanning equipment, a real-time automatic acquisition, storage, real-time display, real-time feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission function. The authenticity, validity, timeliness, and availability of bar code data are guaranteed.

4. Wireless network equipment

Wireless network equipment is a device for wireless data uploading with wireless data acquisition equipment. At present, it mainly adopts transmission protocols such as WiFi 802.11a/GPRS/CDMA and USES wireless waves as the medium of information transmission to constitute the wireless local area network (WLAN) and wide area network.

5. Bar code detection equipment

Bar code detection equipment is a testing tool for bar code level and other parameters, bar code is a data carrier, it plays an important role in the process of information transmission, if there is a problem with the bar code, the item information communication will be interrupted. Therefore, barcode quality must be effectively controlled to ensure that barcode symbols can be read correctly in the supply chain, and barcode detection equipment is an effective tool to achieve this goal.

6. Barcode printing software

Barcode printing software cooperates with barcode printing equipment implementation tool bar code label printing, barcode printing software can be customized development, also can use the universal barcode printing software, custom development with label printing software accurate positioning, do not need to edit, do not need to set up the characteristics of stable printing needed for many clients like universal printing software edit labels flexible characteristics, can achieve print label diversification. In general, the custom-developed printing software sends the barcode label format to the barcode machine by instructions, while the general-purpose printing software sends the barcode label format to the barcode machine by driving.

7. Barcode system

The barcode system is a kind of bar code application, is a function of bar code equipment to improve, through the bar code system can achieve the management of warehousing, inventory management, production traceability, logistics traceability, asset management, and other functions.

8. Barcode terminal software for a data collector

The terminal software of a barcode data collector is a tool for bar code data processing, process design, and data transmission.