Barcode Printer Thermal And Thermal Transfer

- Jan 04, 2016-

The thermal storage time is short. When the temperature is high or normal, the yellowing difference will be lost. The advantage of heat is that no ribbon is needed. It is easy to install and print the printer space. The writing is easy to play, and it won't fold. Thermal transfer is also a carbon ribbon, which saves for a long time, especially when using mixed-base or resin-based printing. It can also resist harsh environments such as high temperature and low temperature with special carbon ribbons. The head can effectively extend the life of the printhead, but the overall cost is much more than the thermal.

So look at what you print, where it is used, if it is a small amount of printing, you don't need to save it for a long time, such as cash register, price tag, etc.

If you need to save for a long time and the amount of printing is large, it is recommended to use thermal transfer to protect the print head and print the writing for a longer time. In general, current mainstream brand barcode machines support both thermal and thermal transfer (ribbon) printing. It can be selected by setting.