2D Barcode Scanner

- Dec 20, 2019-

Barcode scanner

A bar code is a machine-readable symbol that can be printed on a label for application (printing and use) or directly on a part, product, or package (DPM). In general, barcodes contain data items that have specific meanings, such as the unique code of the product, the production batch, the type of product, and so on. Barcode scanners are used to capture and read this data, allowing them to track and identify components along the supply chain. In production, this data can be used to automate operations, control quality, and save time, money, and labor.

Manufacturing enterprise barcode scanner solutions

In today's manufacturing environment, rapid and accurate data collection is essential for efficient and rapid operation of production lines. The stable, reliable, online barcode scanner can not only obtain data but also can drive the activities in the operation of the factory. Bar codes and QR codes have become an integral part of most lean manufacturing companies.

The application of bar code technology

Barcode technology can assist key applications such as quality control, online monitoring (WIP), classification, and batch tracking. The general application of barcode technology is error prevention measures or error correction of a process step. For example, many packaging systems use barcode technology to ensure that items match the boxes before they are packed.