Causes Of Barcode Scanner Failure

- Dec 12, 2019-

All the possible reasons why the barcode scanner can't scan the bar code are here

Fault one: the scan gun cannot scan the bar code

Solution: this kind of situation wants to understand clearly first, can scan bar code but do not upload, still give laser but do not scan the barcode. You can scan the bar code, but if it is not uploaded to the computer, the computer is not connected to the scan gun. If it is wired, you should check the port and cable. If it is wireless, you should reset the matching receiver. There are several possible reasons:

1. The function of reading such barcode is not opened;

2. Barcode is not in conformity with the specification, such as the lack of necessary blank areas, the comparison between bar and space is too low, and the width and width ratio of bar and space is not appropriate;

3. Direct sunlight, photosensitive devices into the saturated area;

4. The surface of the bar code is covered with transparent material, and the reflectance is too high. Although the eyes can see the bar code, the collector can not read it under strict conditions.

5. Hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.

Fault two: LED not bright, no buzzer, no laser

Solution: it may be that the power supply of the scan gun is not connected, the scan gun is not energized or the data cable interface has become loose, and the contact is poor. Check the scan gun wire to make sure the computer power supply is normal and the data wire is reconnected to the scanner.

Fault three: after connecting with a serial port line, read code without data transmission

Solution: may not be set to serial mode or communication protocol error. To set the scan serial port mode to serial port mode, reset to the correct communication protocol.

Fault 4: after scanning a bar code, the machine freezes or the computer cannot identify the USB device when using USB wire

Solution: maybe bad wire caused by the data can not transfer and the dead and poor USB device. Need to find a dealer to buy replacement wire.

Fault five: scan use is normal, the keyboard can not be used

Solution: maybe scan gun internal IC bad burn. We need to return to the manufacturer for repair.

Fault 6: the laser is always on

Solution: maybe to scan the manual set the bar code into the light mode. The factory settings need to be restored and returned to the manufacturer for maintenance.

Fault 7: there is no prompt sound after energizing, and there is no light when pressing the button

Solution: maybe the scanner power is not connected, the scanner is not energized or the data line interface has become loose poor contact. It is necessary to check the scanner wire to ensure that the computer power supply is normal and the data wire is reconnected to the scanner.

Fault eight: using serial data output garbled code

Solution: it may be that the scanner is a non-standard serial scanner. You need to see if the scanner is the corresponding interface.

Fault 9: the Bluetooth scanner cannot connect to the computer properly

Solution: it may be that the Bluetooth does not match, so you need to plug in the Bluetooth receiver provided by the manufacturer and check the connection mode of the corresponding system according to the instructions to connect.