Classification Of Barcode Printers

- Dec 13, 2019-

I do not know when the bar code appeared in people's life, everywhere bar code it with the strength to prove its existence in the world of value.

Nowadays, there is a lack of barcode in various industries. For example, in the most common shopping, each commodity has its own barcode in the supermarket, which effectively avoids the error rate and facilitates people's life. Another example is the medical industry, with the development of The Times, the application of barcode, hospitals can more quickly sort out information, save time, even every new mother and newborn hands have the corresponding barcode, who can say that the barcode is not the embodiment of the wisdom of The Times.

According to the workload to divide, can be divided into [desktop printer] and [industrial barcode printer], [portable bar code printer]

Desktop printer: small economy barcode printer, compact size, solid structure, powerful functions, high-cost performance.

Industrial printer: industrial bar code printer, strong and durable metal case, tough cast printing core module, diversified transmission interface, excellent compatibility. To meet the needs of industrial field use, to meet the requirements of the high-quality printing industry.

Portable bar code printer: compact, light, anti-environmental interference. Wifi or Bluetooth technology is adopted as the interface of print data communication.