Classification Of Printers

- Dec 17, 2019-

1. Classification from printing methods: needle micro printer, thermal micro printer, thermal transfer micro printer, etc. Needle decay by way of printing is printing the impact ribbon printing ink printing on printing paper, thermal heating of the way is to use make the thermal medium and color coating on the printing paper, thermal transfer is carried carbon powder by means of heating the carbon powder on the printing paper, now in addition to ticket barcode printers and printer, domestic use rarely in other fields, there are tiny font printer, the printer multi-purpose in a taxi.

2. Classification based on data transmission: wireless micro printer and wired micro printer. Wireless micro beading is the use of infrared or blue tooth technology for data communication, wired micro beading is through serial or parallel way for data communication, of course, usually, wireless micro beading is with a serial port or parallel port, data communication can be conducted by the wired way.

3. The micro note printer has two kinds of thermal and needle, each has its own advantages. Under normal circumstances, thermal printer due to the use of convenient, cheap, the use of a little more, such as supermarkets, stores, ATM and other places. However, the needle printer because of handwriting storage long, not easy to erase, it is more used in special places, such as invoice, bank, and other places.

4. Micro note printer according to the use of paper can be divided into 58 and 80, meaning the width of the paper is 58mm and 80mm, now many printers can be used both, can be hit 58 can also hit 80, the distinction is not very obvious.

5. The printer according to the input voltage to divide the difference between 12V and 24V, however, a 12V printer with a 24V adapter can also be used, and 24V can not use a 12V adapter.