Common Faults And Solutions Of Portable Barcode Printers

- Dec 30, 2019-

Common faults and solutions of portable barcode printers

1. After the print order was issued, the machine did not respond.

The printer is not selected in the software or the portable barcode printer is not selected properly

Incorrect port selection, no Bluetooth pairing

Computer or printer parallel or parallel cable problem

2. The printing effect is not clear enough.

In the case of consumables selection, raise the print head temperature appropriately

If it is not a new machine, first clean the print head

3. When the power is turned on, all the indicators of the printer are on, the LCD is on but there is no display, and it cannot be operated.

Broken motherboard Replace the motherboard

4. Vertical missing lines appear during printer printing.

There is dust on the printhead-like surface, or the printer has been worn for a long time. You can clean or replace the printhead with alcohol.