Desktop Barcode Printer

- Oct 17, 2017-

A barcode printer is a dedicated printer. The biggest difference between a bar code printer and a normal printer is that the printing of the bar code printer is based on heat, and the printing is performed with the ribbon as the printing medium (or directly using thermal paper). This printing method has the greatest advantage over the ordinary printing method. It allows continuous high-speed printing without being taken care of. The content printed by it is generally the company's brand identity, serial number identification, packaging identification, barcode identification, envelope label, clothing tag and so on.

Conceptual introduction

I believe we can often encounter such a situation. When you go to the mall or supermarket to buy things, you will see a small label on the product. The label is a black and white vertical line (this is a very unprofessional name). But it is very straightforward. When we go to checkout, the salesperson scans the label on the product with a hand-held scanner. The price you should pay for this item is immediately displayed on the terminal pos.

The vertical terminology used here is called bar code. Its wide application directly leads to the rapid spread of its corresponding equipment. Bar code printers are widely used in manufacturing as one of the important devices for bar code applications. The logistics industry needs to print. Label in the industry.