Hanin Exhibition Tour Makes National Printing Brand Rock!

- Nov 13, 2020-

#Your Future, Printed# Hanin Exhibition Tour project was officially launched in July 2020. Shenzhen, Xi’an, Shanghai, from South China to Northwest China, and then to East China, in three months, the exhibition has reached three different regions.

The exhibition is a nationwide product sharing meeting launched by Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hanin"). Hanin went to all parts of the country, invited the vast number of dealers and business partners in different regions and cities to introduce and demonstrate the products, and convey the enterprise vision of "let everyone see what they think". Through displaying brands and products, together with many aspiring people, Hanin try to make this national printing brand enter the hearts of people.


The spirit of innovation and reform in Shenzhen coincides with Hanin’s core values of "dare to be the first in the world, try and create new things".


Hanin domestic business manager Mr. Jiang introduced the national printing brand of Hanin to all the participants. Starting from the industry and combining with the latest market information, he shared the possible development direction of Hanin in the future. He also introduced the concept of "Print from mobile phone, HPRT is your best selection", which was formally put forward in May this year, and also showed many product lines of Hanin in various fields.


Mr. Jiang said that in addition to the household field, Hanin products are widely used in retail, catering, health care, industrial and warehousing fields. The industrial barcode printer iX4P can print at the speed up to 14ips. It adopts metal frame and metal bracket, which can ensure high-speed and stable operation even in harsh environment such as high temperature and high pressure. The color DTC card printer CP-D80 can realize full-color printing within 22 seconds and secure anti-counterfeiting printing. It is equipped with large card slot capacity, supports various operating systems and diversified modules. It can print all kinds of cards, such as membership card, Hong Kong and Macao pass, access card, work permit, medical card, visitor card, escort card, etc. It is applied in the fields of supermarkets, government affairs, health care and office.

Then the product manager gave a detailed introduction to each product line of Hanin. In addition to pictures and videos, during the tea break, the product manager and FAE directly demonstrated the machine, showed the internal structure of the product, and comprehensively displayed the product from the conceptual and physical level to the participants.


Xi'an, an ancient capital with a long history, represents the historical and cultural heritage that Hanin has been carrying forward. Printing is one of the four great inventions in China. It collided with science and technology and produced the product of printing. Hanin goes back to the source, hoping to carry forward the printing of the Chinese nation, so it has the beautiful name "Hanin".


In Xi'an station, the number of participants reached more than 150. The corporate vision of "let everyone see what they think" conveyed by Hanin had won participants’ applause. The sharing and exchange at tea break was quite enthusiastic.


In September, Hanin came to Shanghai. The spirit of inclusiveness and openness embodied in this cosmopolitan city is also what Hanin has always adhered to.

Shanghai is also an important city for Hanin’s business in East China, and the distribution outlets in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui are vertical strategic regions of Hanin. During the activity of “Hanin Exhibition Tour”, the participants were able to get in touch with Hanin in all aspects, and have an understanding of the corporate culture, brand value, product types, franchise returns, and the latest market trends.


Hanin is the abbreviation of Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to delivering "printing of the Chinese nation" to every corner of the world. It is an independent and innovative national printing brand, which covers industrial, business and household fields. With the core technology of thermal, thermal transfer and thermal dye sublimation, the company has developed scanners, PDA, receipt printers, barcode printers, photo printers, A4 mobile printers, DTC card printers and so on. From data acquisition equipment barcode scanner and PDA, to multi domain intelligent application software Hanma, H-Print and C-Print to cloud printing platform Hanin cloud, and then to output device Hanin full category printer, the product line of Hanin covers the whole process from data acquisition, data processing to data output.


Hanin adheres to the business philosophy of "continuous improvement and continuous progress", and the "Exhibition Tour" project started from the first tier cities, and gradually transited to the second tier and third tier cities, then to the fourth and fifth tier cities. With all the partners who want to know or join Hanin, we can ride the storm and create brilliance together! The next tour is planned to be held in North China. Where will it start in 2021? The organization is calling. Are you ready to join us?