How To Choose A Label Printer?

- Dec 25, 2019-

Many companies are not familiar with barcode label printers. When choosing a bar code label printer, they often do not know how to choose it. So how should users choose a bar code label printer that is suitable for their business? The following questions:

Printed quantity:

If you need to print more than 1,000 labels per day, you need a rugged, high-volume industrial-grade printer with a metal case. For smaller print volumes, desktop personal printer series can be used; desktop personal printer series can be selected at the point of sale or in the office.

Label size:

Normal barcode printers can print 4 ″ X6 ″ labels, which is in line with the current shipping label specifications. You can also flexibly print labels of different sizes according to your needs. For wider labels, you can choose CL608e / CL612e.

Content of the label:

If you only need to print barcodes and text, ordinary barcode label printers can do the job. But if you need to print a different bar code (such as article number) or text (such as a shipping label) on each label, and you don't want to stop printing halfway, you need a printer with a 32-bit processor, which can greatly improve productivity.

Quality of the label:

The label printer's printing resolution is generally divided into 203dpi, 300dpi, and 600dpi; the larger the dpi value, the better the printing effect. If you want to print high-quality images on labels, you can consider using a 300dpi print head.

Printing speed:

Different printers have different printing speeds, depending on the user's requirements for speed. The printing speed of general bar code label printer (label machine) is 2 ″ -6 ″ / sec, and the printing speed of higher speed bar code label printer (such as M8400RVe) can reach 10 ″ / sec. To produce a large number of labels, you should choose a high-speed barcode label printer

Applications in different industries:

For bar code printers used in production lines or warehouses, choose a model with a metal casing, such as SATO408e / 412e; and a desktop personal printer series, such as CT-400 / 410, at the point of sale or in the office, because It requires less space and is easy to move; if it is a garment processing enterprise, it is best to choose XL400E / 410E. This coder is specially designed for garment manufacturing enterprises.