How To Choose The Barcode Printer?

- Dec 16, 2019-

Select the five most important places to pay attention to the bar code printer

The popularity of bar code machine to the production and manufacturing, industrial life and other places of application, as one of the common office supplies, so we choose bar code printer, what is the most need to pay attention to the place?

1. Barcode printer - maximum print length

Bar code printer in the process of bar code label printing, not to say, can be an infinite system of printing, for the length of printing, generally, there is a certain limit. The maximum print length is also expressed in the length unit mm, which can be said to be at a glance.

2. Barcode printer - print width

Print width refers to the maximum width range that a barcode printer can print. Its logo and ordinary printer with the paper specifications to identify differently, but use the daily length unit mm to identify. Users should choose according to the actual width of the barcode label they need to print in the actual application. The user must consider clearly, therefore the width is big can print small, but the width is small is impossible to print large. There is no doubt that the increase in print width naturally increases the price of the product.

3. Barcode printer - resolution

Resolution is an indicator Shared by all printing devices, as are label printers. Resolution refers to the highest possible printing accuracy of the product. That's how many points can be achieved per inch, in dpi. When two numbers are multiplied, they represent the horizontal precision and vertical precision. Generally speaking, the resolution of the current bar code printer, 300dpi products are more than.

4. Barcode printer - printing speed

And our common inkjet printers, and laser printer to print the logo in a different way of speed, bar code printer to print speed is to use it in a unit time to print the product using the widest represented the length of the label paper, generally expressed in mm/s (mm/SEC), which is in a second can print label tape how many mm long. For this technical indicator, bigger is better.

5. Barcode printer - the printing method

Printing means what kind of technology bar code printer USES to print. Generally speaking, a barcode printer is the use of thermal transfer printing technology, some products called "thermal transfer technology", it is a truth. Thermal transfer technology, simple said, is to use a special carbon belt, through similar to the working principle of the fax machine to print head, carried the carbon powder coating by heating way, transfer to the paper or on other kinds of material, because the carbon coating material of the belt can choose according to need, have strong adhesion, and print media choice, more can ensure printed handwriting is not affected by the outside world. Thermal transfer printing can withstand the test of time, long - term deformation, text can be retained for a long time, will not fade, will not be in contact with the solvent wear, not due to higher temperature deformation.