How to Choose The Barcode Printer Model

- Jun 13, 2018-

In order to choose the right model of the barcode printers according to your use, there are many aspects you should consider, and the below lists could help you when you buy the barcode printers.


1. How many labels should be printed per day?

If the label qty is over approximately 3000 labels per day then an industrial barcode printer should be considered. If the label demand is merely a couple of hundred labels a day, then a small table-top desktop barcode printer should be considered.


2. What is the maximum label width and length?

Some printers can handle wide width labels, but why pay for a 6" wide printer if the maximum label width is only 4"? Also, certain customers may require extra-large labels, so a wide-web printer may be the only option. Extra-long label lengths may require memory cards installed in the printer. Finally, different printers have different requirements for minimum size labels.


3. What will be printed on the labels? Will the printer be used to print graphics, and/or very high density barcodes, or tiny fonts? If so, then high resolution printers should be considered.


4. What media should be used? The general thermal label paper or thermal tags? Or un-coated paper, tags or other synthetic material? If the thermal label paper or thermal tags are used, the direct thermal barcode printer will be OK, but otherwise, you need to obtain the thermal transfer barcode printer.


5. How do we want to connect the printer? Is USB, parallel, serial, wireless, or an Ethernet connection the best fit for your application? For networks that run several printers, an Ethernet connection is often preferred, since each printer that resides on the network would have its own IP address.


6. Will the printer have the access to a PC or smart phone? If not, then a remote system (stand-alone) should be considered. The label formats are created on a PC and uploaded into the printer's memory. The formats are then recalled and printed from any location. Note that variable information can be entered into the keypad at print time, and the time/date can be automatically stamped with a real-time clock feature.