How To Choose The Right Label Printer?

- Dec 12, 2019-

1.The number of printing: if you need to print less than 1000 labels every day, it is recommended that you buy a common desktop barcode printer, desktop machine paper capacity and carbon belt capacity is small, the shape of the product is small, very suitable for the office. If you need to print more than 1,000 labels a day, you need an industrial-grade bar code printer with a solid metal casing. Industrial-grade printers have a long service life and can generally accommodate large paper rolls and large lengths of carbon tape. They also perform well in harsh environments and are suitable for large factories.

2. Label width: the print width refers to the maximum width range that the barcode printer can print. You can print small labels with large widths, but you can't print large labels with small widths. The longer the print width, the higher the price of the product. The average bar code printer has a 4-inch print range, which is 10.4cm wide, and 5 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches wide. So if your label is less than 10cm wide, choose a 4-inch printer.

3. Label printing quality: the printing resolution of the barcode machine is generally divided into 203dpi, 300dpi, and 600dpi; The higher the value of dpi, the better the printing effect and the clearer the printing. The highest printing accuracy is 600dpi, while 203dpi or 300dpi can meet the daily needs of the industry. The more accurate the printer, the higher the price. Jewelry, mobile phone, and PCB are required to be printed on the smaller label. It is recommended that you use the barcode printer above 300DPI, while other general labels can be printed at 200DPI.

4.Printing speed: different types of printers have different printing speed, the general bar code printer printing speed of 2 inches to 6 inches per second, while higher speed printers can print 8 inches to 12 inches per second if you need to print a lot of labels in a short time, high-speed printers are more suitable. The higher the speed, the higher the general industrial grade.

5. Software application environment: printers come with their own machine languages. At present, most barcode printers in the market can only use one printing language, such as zebra for ZPL, Datamax for DPL, Intermec for IPL or FingerPrint, and so on. If you have used a barcode printer of a certain brand before, and the printing method is to use machine language to print, then it is best to use the original brand model.

6.The external environment: if in the harsh production environment, such as temperature, humidity, dust more, must buy a high industrial grade bar code printer.

7. Printing interface: The barcode printer generally has a parallel port, serial port, USB port, and network port. But not all printers have these four interfaces, generally only 2-3. If you print through a specified interface, choose a printer with that interface.

8. Price: the higher the industrial level, the more expensive the price, the wider the printing width and the higher the printing accuracy.