How To Maintain Barcode Printer?

- Sep 16, 2019-

Barcode printer daily maintenance

In order to ensure the quality and long-term good performance of barcode printer, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The more frequently the barcode printer is used, the more often it should be cleaned. (infrequent use = weekly cleaning; Regular use = daily cleaning)

1. Cleaning of print head

To regularly clean the print head, regularly clean tool can use cotton swabs and alcohol. Turn off the power of the barcode printer, wipe, please keep the same direction (to avoid back and forth to wipe dirt residue), will be the print head turns up, remove the foil, paper label, with dip a print head cleaning fluid swabs (or cotton), wipe clean the print head until light. Then gently dry the print head with a clean cotton swab. Keep the print head clean to get good print results, the most important thing is to extend the life of the print head.

2. Clean and maintain Platen Roller

To regularly clean barcode printer glue stick, cleaning tools can use cotton swabs and alcohol, keep glue stick clean, but also to get good printing effect, and extend the life of the print head. Glue stick used for a long time, if there is wear or some uneven words or affect the print and damage print head.

3. Clean the roller

After cleaning the print head, clean the roller with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked with 75% alcohol. Method is to use a hand to rotate roller, scrub at the same time, after waiting for clean, dry. The cleaning interval of the above two steps is usually once every three days, if the barcode printer is used frequently, it is best to use once a day.

4. Clean the transmission system and the chassis

Because the general label paper for adhesive, adhesive easy to stick in the shaft and channel transmission, plus dust, directly affect the printing effect, so often need to clean. Generally once a week, the method is to use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol (or cotton cloth) to scrub the shaft of the transmission, the surface of the channel and the dust in the chassis, clean, dry.

5. Sensor cleaning

The sensor should be kept clean so as not to cause errors in measuring paper or carbon tape. The sensor consists of a ribbon sensor and a label sensor, whose position is shown in the instruction manual. The sensor is usually cleaned every three to six months by scrubbing the sensor head with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, and then wiping it dry after cleaning.

6. Paper feed guide is clean

The guide groove is usually not a major problem, but sometimes the label is stuck to the guide groove due to human or label quality problems, so it is necessary to clean it in time.

Warm reminder: barcode printer temperature is generally maintained at 10-24, not too high, otherwise easy to reduce the service life of the print head, pay attention to the collocation of carbon band and label, generally coated paper with wax based carbon band, synthetic paper with half tree or full tree carbon band. In addition, note to keep the label paper flat, do not make it uneven, otherwise the print head easily worn.