Instructions For Using The Printer

- Feb 10, 2016-

Use attention

Generally, the bar code printing device indicates the direction according to the figure, the dotted line is the ribbon installation path, and the solid line is the label path. After the rewinding, the waste ribbon is not easily peeled off, and the smooth bottom paper of the waste label is wound on the reel before loading, and then the ribbon is fed. When installing labels, adjust the paper limiter according to the different label widths. The indenter spring is even to avoid the printer label deviation. The paper is measured when you use the printer for the first time.

Panel control

PAUSE button: Pause and start printing FEED button: Take a sheet of paper CANCEL button: When the print data is transferred to the printer, but you do not need to print, press PAUSE first, then press CANCEL several times until the data light is off. CALIBRATE: Label test. When a new specification label is installed, the parameters of the label are tested before they can be printed normally. Method: Press the PAUSE button first, then press CALIBRATE to measure the paper. The label has an acceleration process during paper measurement, indicating that the paper is correct. Note: The paper-finished label can be rewinded and the ribbon cannot be rewinded.