Market And Development of Label Printers

- Dec 27, 2019-

Bill printers are favored by the market and have great potential for future development

As the financial, taxation, postal, transportation, catering and other industries continue to increase the demand for bill printing services, bill printers for various industries have become a hot spot in the printing market in recent years. Portable bill printers for issuing tickets and check printers for finance, 4 Ips thermal label printer for restaurants and shops, etc., receipt printers have gradually gained market recognition due to their unique applicability, and are unique in the printing industry market.

The public service market is in great demand and the potential for industrial development is huge

The acceleration of the pace of information services in the retail, medical and logistics industries will undoubtedly bring new vitality to the market. Tax invoice printing, POS bill printing, food service ticket printing, financial transaction printing, etc., bill printers are indispensable. In addition to the increasing demand in the traditional market, the prosperity of the self-service terminal industry in the past two years has also affected the market development. Such as ticket issuing printers in self-service equipment such as ATMs, queuing machines, self-service payment machines, etc.

And with the continuous improvement of domestic public service levels, the needs of various industries have gradually diversified. For example, the portable receipt printer required by government departments such as traffic police is used to issue tickets on the spot, the desktop receipt printer required by the corporate finance office, and the embedded receipt printer in the above-mentioned queuing machines and other equipment.

Judging from the macro market statistics in 2012, although affected by the economic situation this year, the overall market of bill printers has not been affected much, especially in the catering, logistics, and self-service terminal industries. Improve, there is still much room for growth in the future. However, with the maturity of the industrial model, the competition between manufacturers will undoubtedly become more intense, especially under the impact of foreign brands, domestic printer vendors will face more severe challenges.