Notes On The Purchase Of Portable Thermal Printers

- Dec 31, 2019-

With the development of information technology, portable thermal printers are widely used in various industries, such as instrumentation, supermarkets, convenience stores, postal services, banks, tobacco monopoly, utility meter reading, mobile police systems, mobile government systems, express logistics System and more. There are many medium and miniature portable thermal printers on the market, each with its own scope of application. There are many types of portable thermal printers, and the concept of micro printers is also vague, and the classification is not clear.

Other matters needing attention when purchasing a portable thermal printer.

1.Portable thermal printer character set: The character set required by the user may not be exactly the same, some only require numbers, some require English, and some require Chinese characters, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes. Pay attention when purchasing The required character set.

2.Dimensions and weight of a portable thermal printer: If it is a printer placed in a fixed place, then as long as there is enough space, the size and weight of the portable thermal printer do not have to be considered too much. If it is required to be convenient to carry and print, it must be Consider the dimensions and weight of a portable thermal printer.

3.Portable thermal printer power supply: There are two power supply methods for portable thermal printers, one is to use an external regulated power supply, and the other is to use a rechargeable battery. If a regulated power supply is used, the power quality is high. Rechargeable batteries should consider the life of the rechargeable battery, the time available for a single charge, and whether the rechargeable battery can be easily removed. Especially for outdoor users, if the time available for a single charge is too short, the battery life will be very less. If the battery is not easy to remove, then if the battery is exhausted outdoors, the printer cannot be used.

4.The size of the paper container of the portable thermal printer: If the user uses it frequently, then the size of the paper roll must be considered. Frequently changing the paper roll is annoying.

5.Printing width and the amount of data printed: The printing width is best traced by the number of characters printed on each line. For example, the same 57mm paper width, more can print 24 characters, and less can only print 10 characters. Which one to choose depends on the needs of the user.

6. Consumables: Thermal printers and needles use different supplies, so a roll of paper of the same diameter has a long thermal printing paper, but it is expensive. The paper used for needles is short but cheap. If you print the same amount of data, Judging from the above, the two consume almost the same amount on the printing paper, but the needle printing also consumes the ribbon, so in general, the consumables consumed by the thermal printer are cheaper.

7. The convenience of use: This may be a problem that many buyers overlook. The convenience of use is mainly reflected in various LED indicators, sound prompts, key function design, and paper change (thermal printers may have Advantages, many thermal printers now use a clamshell paper loading method, which can change the paper very easily and quickly, and needle printing can not do this due to the principle limitations of the printer core), these must be experienced by users themselves Already.

8.Other special requirements: there are some special requirements for users, such as the ability to print barcodes, print graphics, etc., you can choose between different products from different manufacturers.