Portable Bluetooth Printer Applications

- Dec 31, 2019-

Portable Bluetooth printer is widely used in the express logistics industry

Traditional express slips have encountered many challenges in the current logistics industry environment: inefficient entry by handwriting, illegible handwriting leading to information system entry errors, traditional pin printing speeds, and so on.

The emergence of the electronic surface order system has greatly improved efficiency. With the Hanyin portable Bluetooth printer, the above problems are solved.

At present, the traditional express waybill is used by the courier to pick up the goods, the sender fills in an expressway manually, and the goods are sent back to the courier company to enter data. Using electronic coupons can reduce the number of entries and increase the amount of coupon information.

hanyin portable Bluetooth sheet printer can print 44mm, 58mm, 80mm size label paper or ordinary thermal paper. It can print easily regardless of electronic sheet and thermal receipt. Various interfaces are available. With mobile terminals, it improves efficiency. Excellent printing equipment that reduces costs.