Portable Printer VS Desktop Printer

- Dec 18, 2019-

Portable barcode printer vs desktop barcode printer

1. volume

Portable printer compact size can be carried, but also will not take up too much area;

The desktop printer can not be carried, the need for a fixed place to put, occupy relatively more area.

2.The weight

Portable printers are lighter in weight;

Desktop printers are heavier and cannot be carried around.

3.Connection mode

Desktop printer through connection for wired connection.

4.Connected equipment

Portable printers are mainly connected wirelessly, so there are many devices that can be paired, such as PDAs, cell phones, pads, and computers.

Most of the desktop is wired connection, so can cooperate with the upper computer is relatively simple, generally is a computer.

5. Supporting system

Portable printers provide richer device interfaces to meet a variety of systems, such as the mainstream android, Wince, Mobile, IOS, Window series;

Desktop printers provide a driver interface, more on the window.

6. Work environment

Portable printers work outdoors in many cases, so they take cold resistance into account in the early stages of product design.

Desktop printers are more used indoors, so they are not designed to withstand the cold.

Therefore, portable printers are more suitable for use in winter in the north.

7.The power supply

The portable printer is battery-powered and does not require the use of a power cord.

Desktop computers require power cords. So portable need not consider the issue of power supply, desktop need to have a special power supply.