Purchase And Status Analysis Of Portable Mobile Printers

- Dec 30, 2019-

Purchase and status analysis of portable mobile printers

1. Wired portable mobile printers: The main interfaces used are parallel and serial ports and few portable mobile printers with USB interfaces. Most are desktop printers, such as POS printers, portable mobile printers that print the test results of instruments and meters, and so on. The main use of a parallel printer is to be compatible with the parallel port of PC, but for portable mobile printers, the serial port is sufficient, so most desktop portable mobiles currently use serial ports.

Second, the needle type portable mobile printer: needle printing has the advantage that the printed documents can be stored for a long time. Of course, the ink on the ribbon you choose must be of good quality, so the micro printing used in many convenience stores is needle printing And because the pin print head is simple to control, it can be produced using a cheaper control board solution, so it is cheaper. However, needle punching also has many disadvantages: high noise, slow printing speed, fast print headwear, and need to change the ribbon frequently, because of its principle, these are insurmountable.

3. Wireless portable mobile printers: mainly used in the field of mobile printing. At present, most of the wireless portable mobile printers use IrDA technology, but due to the complexity of the IrDA protocol, the IrDA protocol is generally not integrated in the printer, but the infrared port can be used to simulate the serial port for data transmission at the physical layer, but This also provides convenience for other devices with infrared, because many devices with infrared also do not integrate the IrDA protocol, so these devices can communicate with infrared portable mobile printers through infrared ports.

The biggest advantage of wireless portable mobile printers is that they can realize wireless printing, which is convenient, especially if you need to implement printing functions outdoors, its convenience is even more prominent, but infrared printing also has its disadvantages, which is the accuracy of its data transmission Because the IrDA protocol is not integrated, if the anti-interference ability of the infrared interface is poor, the accuracy of data transmission cannot be guaranteed. Now, some domestic companies such as Jiqiang Electronic Technology have overcome the difficulties of IrDA. The portable mobile printers they produce use IrCOMM (IrCOMM is a protocol of the virtual serial port of the application software layer in the IrDA protocol), and IrCOMM is Many portable infrared devices (such as POCKET PC) support the protocol. With IrCOMM, users do not need to worry about the accuracy of data transmission and so on.

With the popularization of Bluetooth technology, currently, portable wireless printers using Bluetooth wireless technology have also appeared. Compared with infrared portable mobile printers, Bluetooth portable mobile printers have inherent advantages. For example, the wireless data transmission distance is longer than infrared, and more importantly, you can print without aligning the printer. This will be much more convenient for users.

4. Thermal portable mobile printer: It came out later than the stylus portable mobile printer. Thermal printers have fast printing speeds, low noise, and few mechanical losses in the print head, and do not require ribbons, eliminating the need to replace ribbons. But it also has disadvantages. Because it uses thermal paper, it cannot be stored indefinitely. It can be stored for one to five years in the dark, and there is a long-term thermal paper that can be stored for more than ten years.

Because the logistics industry with the largest demand for portable receipt printing in China is not mature, the main energy of information construction is used to develop database systems, so there is only potential demand, which also makes the emergence of portable micro printers a few times later than developed countries year.

Although the current application field is not wide enough, as China's logistics mature, portable micro printers will also play its role in the field of logistics. Therefore, as far as the Chinese market is concerned, the small partners in the field of portable microprinting have initially met the requirements for accelerated growth. And there are already mature products in China. I believe that in the next few years, domestic portable mini printers will catch up with developed countries like other electronic products.