Retail And Catering Printer Application Scenarios

- Dec 17, 2019-

One, consumption list printing

Efficient and fast checkout is one of the factors that affect the revenue and customer satisfaction of large and medium-sized supermarkets, and whether it can quickly provide consumers with concise and clear consumption details is the key to affect the checkout efficiency.

58mm series receipt and log printers for small chain customers, with an ultra-wear-resistant print head, high life, easy to maintain; The paper saving design can reduce the cost of consumables by 20%.

The 80mm series of high-end receipts and log printers for large chain stores and supermarkets have been proved by many years of application in retail, catering and other industries. They are stable, durable, easy to operate and have rich functions, which are favored by users. Also, adopt 20% paper-saving design, reduce the user's consumables use cost.

Second, background management

1. Commodity price tag printing

The commodity price tag is not only a bridge to provide commodity information to customers but also an important sign for the inventory of merchants. At present, many commodity price tags are only marked with the name and price of commodities. Generally, manual copying is adopted to take stock of goods, which is easy to make mistakes and inefficient.

Commodity price tag printed by barcode printer, including barcode, name, price, specification, origin, grade, and other information. The salesman can scan the goods with the wireless terminal in hand, and the inventory can be completed easily, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the probability of error.

2. Warehouse label printing

In warehouse management configuration addition label barcode printer trays, shelves, the goods can be identification information such as bar code, with data acquisition device can easily implement loading and unloading, transfers or return of goods, receiving and withdrawing operation links such as information management, in addition to improving the efficiency of inventory management, more important is to reduce inventory loss effectively, reduce operating costs.

Third. Other applications

Fresh price tag printing: electronic scale is a piece of important measurement equipment for fresh and bulk sales. In addition to accurate measurement, it is also necessary to print out the measurement information and price information as the payment voucher. Based on the application characteristics of "make and paste", it is necessary for the printer to support the sticker label and have the function of liner paper recycling.

Four. Catering applications

With the development of information technology, the current catering industry is definitely more than just cooking food, taste good so simple, now the catering electronic is slowly replacing the traditional, electronic menu, electronic ordering, automatic order to the front desk, the kitchen document printing. The speed of transmission, reception, and printing is closely related to the development of the catering industry. The food and beverage system is generally composed of ordering equipment, printing equipment, front desk cashier equipment, and food and beverage management software. As an important part of the catering system, the printing equipment is divided into two parts: the front desk printing and the back kitchen printing. The front desk printing system is very similar to the commercial overcollection system, while the back kitchen printing system is much harsher to use than other application fields. Support the front desk cashier, kitchen separate singles printing, financial management and other aspects of the all-round information, to improve the catering industry-standard management level, service quality has a very real benefit.