The Development Of Printers

- Dec 17, 2019-

With the rapid development of China's retail industry, more and more retail enterprises have realized the important role of informatization in enterprise management and service marketing. However, the differences in business models and business processes of Chinese enterprises determine that the construction of China's retail informatization requires the selection of schemes, products, and services that conform to the attributes of domestic retail enterprises. It has always been the pursuit of the retail industry to improve the turntable rate and checkout rate. Due to the limitation of printing equipment, it has been difficult to improve the service speed for a long time. Only the printing equipment with high speed, high quality, small footprint and safe and durable can meet the printing demand of the retail industry. As a specialized printing and scanning product manufacturing and service provider, we should effectively combine the leading technology with customer demand, and tailor a full range of retail printing solutions for the retail industry according to China's national conditions and retail use environment. Micro printer is mainly referred to the width of less than 84 mm in miniature printer, including POS printer (commercial POS and financial POS), tax -controlling printer, ATM, ECR, kiosks and other equipment of the inner or outer hanging type micro printer, miniature printer is widely used in various industries, such as finance, retail, catering, lottery industry, transportation industry (including the taxi, airline tickets, road charges, etc.), gas stations, health care, postal, utility meter reading, mobile police system, mobile e-government system, and so on. In recent years, in addition to micro bill printing, mobile barcode printing, label printing, RFID printing, cloud printing, 3D printing, and other technologies have developed rapidly.