The Development Prospect Of Barcode Scanner

- Nov 06, 2019-

The development prospect of barcode scanner

In recent years, the Internet of things as a rapid development of the hot field. There are more and more in the industry are widely accepted the market prospects of the Internet of things, although there are a lot of people think that the Internet of things has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but there are a lot of people think that the Internet of things want to within the shortest possible time to achieve common in many areas, just entertain wild hope, but now, according to the known as the Internet of things is in some ways are very widely used.

We are now living in an era of rapid development of technology. If we eliminate barcode scanners in all supermarkets and continue to use the cashier to manually enter the number of each item, then the long line in front of the cashier will bring us a very annoying shopping experience. At a small level, people will definitely reduce the number of items in the supermarket queue, at a large level, it can directly lead to a decline in the level of consumption. Not conducive to the stable development of the economic level. Also, if we do not use barcode scanners when shopping for clothes, the security of goods will be greatly reduced and the theft rate will be greatly improved. If we don't have a barcode scanner tracking the location of our packages when shopping online, who can be sure that the goods we buy will reach the buyers' homes?

Nowadays, barcode scanning technology has been widely used in many fields and industries, such as retail industry, manufacturing industry, logistics, medical care, warehousing, and even security. The latest craze is qr code scanning technology on WeChat, which can quickly and accurately identify information. After installing a new version of WeChat on your phone, you can use the phone's camera to scan and identify the information contained in the qr code. Every WeChat user can generate their own unique two-dimensional code, when you encounter a two-dimensional code, mobile phone scan can accurately appear to look for information, can effectively prevent the wrong addition of friends who do not know.

Many fast food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald's, have taken the lead in replacing e-coupons with qr code scanning. In the past, many e-coupons were limited in time, but the number and location were not limited, which led to the flood of e-coupons. Now, the qr code scanning coupons are no longer limited in time and region, which provides convenience for more consumers and also carries out large-scale promotion for merchants themselves.

Visible, the prospect of barcode scanner will be unlimited, because this is completely in line with the pace of modern society fast rhythm people need is to do the most convenient thing with the shortest time mentality, will also be the general trend.