The Diversity Of Label Printers

- Dec 24, 2019-

The operator interface is a vital factor in label printer performance. For the label printer, the operation interface is directly related to its convenience and function. Good operation interface can achieve independent and convenient function setting; standardized document management, convenient for file review and access, and the function of "form making" can be replaced in time according to content changes, which can provide uniform registration style sleeves for labels to be printed Function; convenient wiring, the addition of some trivial wire pieces, in an orderly manner, allows users to have unique and practical labels at any time.

A good label printer should have a variety of Chinese and English fonts, which can be selected by the user in actual operation. Among the Chinese fonts, Song, Black, and Kai are the most basic requirements; while English fonts must have at least 6-7 fonts, such as Song, HV, CR, BR, PL, CB, ST, etc. Of course, it would be better if you could have a richer font system. In terms of the font system, having only 6763 Chinese characters stipulated in GB2312 is far from meeting the requirements for practical use. The machine needs to contain a variety of graphic characters, symbols, units of measure, Russian letters, Greek letters, Japanese letters, Various graphic signs. However, in practical applications, the demand is constantly increasing. In order to solve this problem, some products are designed with the function of creating characters and graphics, which can design unwritten characters and symbols, which greatly expands and enriches the application field. In actual label printing, different borders, tables, and decorations can make labels more beautiful, and the functions and functions of identification and differentiation are better. Therefore, the types of word frame lines, outer frames, tables, grids, the number of text modification effects such as tilt, alignment, and shadow, as well as background printing and fixed-length are a very functional technical index of the thermal shipping label printer.

When printing labels, the requirements are diverse and cannot be static, so label printers also need to have some editing processing capabilities. Conventional editing and layout functions are undoubtedly essential. And some machines are designed such as: "Super magnification" (2-4 times) printing function that can use multiple label combinations, can realize large-character printing functions up to 72mm, which can make the content more eye-catching; the print preview function can be passed The content and format of the label are displayed on the screen, and what you see is what you get. It can be easily modified without trial printing, which saves the cost of printing. A good label printer can save users time and effort, and do more with less.