How Should The Garment Industry Buy A Barcode Printer?

- Dec 16, 2019-

How should the garment industry buy a barcode printer?

1. Usage load

Generally speaking, barcode printers are mainly divided into the commercial type and industrial type:

The commercial type is suitable for the unit, small clothing factory and other printing small occasions, the commercial type of bar code printer to choose the mechanical structure mainly composed of plastic, in the quotation, has a considerable advantage.

The industrial type considers the demand for mass printing and a strict loading working environment. The general industrial type of goods chooses more metal parts and higher equipment, durability, and stability are much better than the commercial type, and the printing speed is much faster.

Use load also does not have a very accurate dividing line, according to our experience and some data introduction, the daily workload is not more than 4000 pieces, even every day 1000 pieces of the label around the printing capacity to think about commercial machines. Of course, the use of industrial printing under equal load will be longer.

2. Printing accuracy

Bar code printer according to the printing accuracy to distinguish, there are mainly two kinds of 203dpi and 300dpi. Generally speaking, if you are mainly used to print adhesive labels, you can choose a 203dpi machine; If you are mainly used for printing clothing tags and washing mark, I introduce you to the best purchasing printing precision machine at 300 points, because the watermark printing effect is inferior to the role of the stickers and hangtags paper, especially in print some compare the small text and washing symbols, if be to 200 machine print resolution will compare difference might look not clear, and writing a brief drop, contaminated clothing.

3. Printing method

The barcode printer from the printing principle is divided into thermal transfer and thermal two. The thermosensitive printer drive mechanism is brief, ACTS directly on thermosensitive paper, the handwriting retains the time to be shorter, is suitable for the retail trade and so on to play and play category, such as printing the computer receipt. And the thermal transfer printer can also be converted into thermal method printing, versatility is very good. Thermal transfer printing is through the high temperature of the print head carbon belt carbon powder transfer printing to the medium, handwriting retention time is more durable, so the application is also extensive.

4. Maintenance services

Bar code printer professional contrast, the selection of suppliers should fully consider the supplier's professional scenery.

Professional training: generally by the supplier to direct users for comparison of professional training, in addition to operational training, should also introduce the usual protection and maintenance, a brief problem cleaning.

Professional repair: should be able to provide localized repair services, bar code printer print head belongs to vulnerable parts, generally 2-3 years to replace, this also needs to regularly contact professional personnel to provide print head maintenance services, otherwise it can affect the life of the print head.

Backup service: when the equipment needs to be returned to the factory for repair, backup equipment shall be provided to ensure that the production is not affected.

Consumables supply: shall be able to supply consumables required by customers in time and provide professional guidance for customers' special needs.

5. Cost of spare parts and consumables

In addition to thinking about the cost performance of the machine itself, think about the quotes for consumables and components, mainly print heads. The print head offer accounted for about 35% of the equipment price, it is vulnerable parts of the printer, print on no foregone printing materials, maybe the influence of the operating environment, may cause the print head damage, so suggest we purchase own brand trust, don't when replacing the print head and 2 ~ 3 years later, only to find that it is hard to find a supply of goods or the price is too expensive.

6. Other issues requiring attention

If the practical work needs to print a lot of data from the database, it is best to choose industrial goods with larger memory. If the information in the database includes Chinese characters, you should think about choosing the type that can download Chinese characters into the machine memory. If the type of medium that print compares much, print especially hangtag, distance type label paper roll, it is necessary to choose the type that sensor can move, convenient and sensitive position. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the printing medium needs additional support and other details.