The Resolution Of Barcode Scanner

- Dec 11, 2019-

The resolution of barcode scanner should be determined from three aspects: optical part, hardware part and software part. In other words, the resolution of the barcode scanner is equal to the resolution of its optical components plus the resolution of its own processing and analysis through hardware and software.

Optical resolution is the barcode scanner optical components in every square inch area can capture the actual number of spot, is refers to the barcode scanner CCD (or other photoelectric devices) physical resolution, is also a real resolution of barcode scanner, it is made up of pixels of optoelectronic devices can capture divided by barcode scanner sweep horizontal maximum size. For example, the resolution of the 1200DPI bar code scanner, often the optical part of the resolution only accounts for 400 ~ 600DPI. The resolution of the extended portion is generated by a combination of hardware and software, a process by which a computer analyzes the image and mathematically fills in the blanks (also known as interpolation).

The optical scan is one-to-one with the output, and what is scanned is what is output. After computer hardware and software processing, the output image will become more realistic, the resolution will be higher. At present, most of the barcode scanners on the market have the function of software and hardware expansion to the resolution. Some bar code scanner ads say 9600×9600DPI, which is only the maximum resolution obtained by software interpolation, not the true optical resolution of the bar code scanner. So for the barcode scanner, the resolution has optical resolution (or optical resolution) and maximum resolution, of course we are concerned with the optical resolution, this is the hard work.

When we say that a barcode scanner has a resolution of up to 4800DPI (which is the sum of the optical resolution and the software difference processing), we mean that when a barcode scanner is used to input an image, it can collect 4800×4800 pixels on a scan of 1 square inch. The scanning area of 1 inch square is scanned with the resolution of 4800DPI and the resulting image size is 4800Pixel×4800Pixel. In scanning, the higher the scan resolution, the more refined the resulting image, the larger the image file, but the more interpolation components.