Thermal Printer Core Maintenance

- Dec 30, 2019-

Thermal printer core maintenance

Thermal printers belong to the category of non-impact printers. Due to their relatively simple structure, fast speed, and low noise, they are widely used in public automation and have a rapid growth rate. Direct thermal printers are widely used in many occasions, and many people do not pay much attention to their cleaning and maintenance, which leads to a reduction in the service life of thermal receipt printers.

A print head cleaning and daily inspection steps of thermal receipt printer:

I. Cleaning steps of receipt printer:

1. Turn off the power

2. Dab a cotton swab or soft cloth with alcohol

3. Wipe the hot part of the print hair in one direction.

4. Open the cover of the printer's mechanical structure

Note: When cleaning the print head, the print head must be cooled down. Check the print head of the receipt printer: When cleaning the print head, please remember to check whether there is any defect in the hot part of the print hair. If the print head is defective, it may cause unprintable white lines on the label.

Second, print head cleaning and daily inspection steps

For ticket printers, the print head is its key component. It is made on a ceramic substrate and is coated with a special protective film on the surface. Due to its structure, any hard objects and print heads are not allowed at any time during normal operation. Surface contact. This can maintain the print quality and extend the life of the print head.

Be sure to remove your static electricity before maintenance. Because static electricity can cause damage to the print head.