Type Of Barcode Printer

- Dec 13, 2019-

Barcode printer can be divided into [203dpi], [300dpi], [600dpi] according to the resolution.

Resolution is an important parameter of the barcode printer, the higher the value, the more exquisite the printing. Generally, it is selected according to its actual situation. For example, the resolution of the logistics label 203dpi on the outer box can meet this application. If you need to print more fine like jewelry industry, you can choose a 300dpi printer; If you want to achieve a smaller label, such as the 4mmX4mm label common in electronics factories, you need to choose a 600dpi printer.

The barcode printer can be divided into [2 "~ 8"] (" inch ") according to the printing width.

Print width refers to the maximum width range that the barcode printer can print. Users should choose according to the label width they need to print in the actual application. The most common of these is a 4 "printer. Depending on the application scenario, printers of different widths will be used, such as crops, raw materials, feed bags, oil drums, cables, and other applications, which all need 6 "~ 8" printers to meet the requirements.

Barcode printer can be divided into [4ips~14ips] according to the printing speed (IPS: the length of printing per second, unit: inch)

Printing speed refers to the length of printing per second. The faster you print, the less time it takes to print the label. In the manufacturing or logistics and express delivery industry, industrial machines with fast printing speed are often needed. Efficient label production capacity is conducive to improving the follow-up operation process.