What Does Barcode Payment Scanner Bring To O2O Business?

- Dec 19, 2019-

What does a barcode payment scanner bring to the O2O business?

In the wave of mobile Internet, Alipay and WeChat payment have become very common payment methods for consumers when they shop. A variety of payment to meet the psychological needs of the consumers pursue convenient and fashionable but lower traditional back-end cashier the whole efficiency of the catering industry so that the order of the catering enterprises are unable to make effective planning or arrange, an urgent need to simplify the transaction process and integration, which is in response to the current mobile store popular trend.

In view of the urgent needs of traditional industries, our company has launched a barcode payment scanning gun to connect consumers through payment channels such as Alipay and WeChat payment in a fast, simple and low-cost way, so as to excavate the value of offline consumption transaction data and improve the marketing ability of merchants.

For businesses, after having a certain user base, how to market these customers and make them buy again is the core point of operation. Merchants can get through the O2O interface with the help of barcode payment scanning gun, and establish interactive relations with customers by docking with Alipay and WeChat service Windows, so as to enhance the relationship and service with customers. At the same time, it can also create different forms of real-time discount (order real-time discount, commodity real-time discount) and activity gift (consumption gift, membership card gift, attention service window gift), and can manage the activity, inquire the transaction record and card return record, flexible promotion.

With the development and trend of mobile e-commerce, offline consumption and online payment will become the trend of society in the future. The application of a barcode payment scanning gun can help merchants integrate Alipay and WeChat payment, and the payment can be completed with a sweep, which can easily reduce the service impact brought by payment queuing. At the same time, I don't have to worry about receiving fake money, and I don't need change. In addition, timely accounting, real-time to the account function, but also to speed up the flow of capital. A safe and convenient collection process, greatly improves the efficiency of enterprises, to meet the needs of a variety of consumption scenarios in different industries.