What Is A Barcode Printer

- Apr 12, 2017-

As the name suggests, barcode printers are of course printers that print barcodes. It is a kind of printer. Ordinary barcode printers are mainly used in shopping malls. The barcode printer prints the ink on the ribbon (equivalent to the ribbon of the needle) on the barcode printing paper through the print head (there is a standard size of self-adhesive printing paper). Can be used as a normal printer (if you are not too narrow), the bar code on the train ticket is printed by the barcode printer.

The most important part of a bar code printer is the print head. The print head is made up of a thermistor. The printing process is the process in which the thermistor heats up the toner on the ribbon to the paper. Therefore, when purchasing a barcode printer, the print head is a component that deserves special attention. Its cooperation with the ribbon is the soul of the entire printing process.

In the current domestic printers, there are two different types of print heads due to brand differences. One is a flat-press type print head, and the entire print head is pressed on a ribbon. This type of print head can accommodate various ribbons. With a wide user base, this type of print head is the most common, widely used in various brands of bar code printers; the other is a floating print head, which is a new type of print head mode, the print head is only pressed at the tip On the ribbon, this kind of print head has higher requirements on the ribbon, but it has the function of saving carbon ribbon, so it is widely used by some large companies with strong technical strength.