What Is Barcode Scanner?

- Dec 12, 2019-

Barcode scanner, also known as a barcode reader, barcode scanner gun, barcode scanner gun, and barcode reader. As the name implies, it is used to identify various bar codes, two-dimensional code hardware devices on the market can read the information contained in the bar code reading devices. Barcode scanner is widely used in supermarkets, logistics, express delivery, library, etc. to scan the barcode of goods and documents.

A barcode scanner works by using optical principles to decode the contents of a barcode and transmit them to a computer or other device via a cable or wireless connection.

The common flat bar code scanner consists of a light source, optical lens, scanning module, analog-digital conversion circuit, and plastic shell. It USES photoelectric elements to convert the detected optical signals into electrical signals, which are then converted into digital signals by analog-to-digital converters and transmitted to a computer for processing. When scanning an image, a light source hits the image and the reflected light passes through the lens and converges on the scanning module, which converts the optical signal into an analog-digital signal (i.e., a voltage, which is related to the intensity of the light received) and indicates how dark that image number is. The analog-digital converter converts the analog voltage into a digital signal that is transmitted to the computer. The color is quantized by the 8, 10, and 12 bits of RGB tri-colors, which process the signal into the image output of the above digits. If there is a higher quantization number, it means that the image can have more layers and depths, but the color range is beyond the recognition ability of human eyes, so in the discernible range, for us, the effect of the barcode scanner with a higher quantization number is that the color cohesion is smooth and we can see more details of the picture.

Barcode scanner has the following characteristics:

Scanning window transparency mirror with specially toughened material, more shatterproof, more smooth light transmittance, make the depth of field farther;

The gun body plastic in line with the national standard production technology, do not smell, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to scrub, gun wire with pins that can be taken down, very convenient operation;

The ergonomic design is perfect, the buzzer sound is bigger (but smaller).