What Is Desktop Label Printer

- Jul 14, 2020-

If you need to print quality photo labels on your computer, we can help you. Our label printers can print up to 50,000 labels per month and we have the option of offering a wide range of labels, from simple to high quality labels for all types of products. 

A label printer with a built-in keyboard and screen that is not connected to a separate computer is often referred to as a label printer. Label printers with built-in stand-alone display for stand-alone use are often referred to as desktop label printers. 

Label printers differ from normal printers in that they must be able to process a wide range of materials such as paper, paper towels, rolling stock and other paper products. 

Commercial label printers are cost-effective devices that enable small manufacturers, shipping departments and retailers to print labels in-house. These printers enable print service providers to meet all label requirements. You don't need Packaging or label converters used in many different converters can be purchased from a commercial label printer. 

There is a $41 billion global label market that is diverse and innovative and can be used to produce labels on demand at any time. Digital label printers include multi-pass inkjet printers that output a digital file so you can convert different types and sizes of labels into different formats such as paper, ink, paperless, digital or digital ink. 

All you need to produce a few hundred name tags for a social event is a digital label printer that is sufficient to produce a small number of names, badges, or even a single name tag. 

Customers may need a durable security product that can withstand high temperatures, high pressure and high humidity. A durable label can combine the on-screen ink print with a durable, strong adhesive. 

Industrial label printers are designed to complement flexographic screen and offset printing machines that label labels - which are used by converters to produce labels needed by consumer goods manufacturers. Industrial digital label printer is designed to work with a wide range of printing and finishing equipment such as ink, inkjet and digital ink. 

Digital label presses can process large runs and are often coupled with digital label finishing systems. The UV series shows how the industrial digital label press can be integrated with a variety of finishing equipment. 

Thermal label printers print black text on a fluorescent coated medium, typically used in the form of paper, plastic, cardboard or other non-rigid materials. A heated printhead is used to produce label prints and typically uses a high-pressure, low-pressure inkjet printer with heat exchanger. 

While black ribbons are common and lead to black and white labels, coloured ribbons are also available, which allow graphic text and ribbon colours to be printed in any colour. In combination with desktop and portable label printers, they are used to print graphic text, ribbons and colors, which is useful for printing in industrial environments such as paper, plastic, cardboard or other non-rigid materials. Desktop printers print the majority of projects in advance in the office, but portable printers take care of fixes to the - fly and labeling in - field. 

Check out our comparison chart of our favorite customers for a full list of what desktop label printers have to offer, as well as some of the most popular brands and models. 

If the volume is high and you want the best quality, this is the printer that wants the job. High-quality printers perform fast label printing and have a space-saving design. You can get options such as dispenser and Ethernet connectivity, as well as a variety of other features such as high-speed printing. 

The GK420s, for example, are a good choice for companies that need to have a large number of different labels, such as labels for magazines, newspapers and other publications. 

It is easy to load media into the impact bowl design, and the standard calibration features save time and help to save wasted media. 

It also features Print - intelligent technology that allows to communicate materials and printer software for fast and easy label creation. To get back to work quickly, the desktop printer has easy-to-set materials so you can quickly complete your identification project. Whether you need a label for a business card, a letter or even a piece of paper with a logo on it, this printer will cover you.