Zero-absence for LogiMAT In Three Consecutive Years

- Mar 30, 2018-

Germany logistics exhibition ‘LogiMAT/TradeWorld’ has been successfully held for 16 years. It is the largest internal logistics exhibition in Europe, which can provide the comprehensive market information of internal logistics field for the exhibitors.



As one of the most important industries and professional core fields in Germany, logistics not only brings rich annual output value but also helps to release the heavy employment pressure. In Germany, logistics activities take place almost everywhere every day. Calculated by market clearing quantity, logistics is the third largest industry followed by automobile and trade. Germany is located in the center of European continent, therefore, it plays a crucial role in freight transportation of international trade, which indicates supply chain and logistics has a special meaning in German economy.

By attending three consecutive years’ LogiMAT exhibitions, iDPRT can directly know about the development of German and global leading logistics and specific requirements of the market, which lays the foundation for manufacturing high-quality products.

This time iDPRT overseas business team headed for Stuttgart, carrying with not only 4-inch desktop printers and mobile printers, but also brand new industrial printers which optimize user experience while ensuring stable long-time printing, being the super star for this iDPRT exhibition. iDPRT is committed to providing professional bar code print solution, and through constantly improving upgrade products, we pass on the rigorous concept of R&D and production as well as advanced management system to more partners.



Next station, Atlanta, USA! iDPRT never stops, we keep moving on!